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Solid Skincare |

Made in Hong Kong.

Natural Active essential |

Solid skincare preserves the natural active ingredient without chemical stabilizers & doesn't have chemical contamination from the plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging contains toxic chemicals that finish in the ocean. The ocean breaks the plastic into microplastic that the fish eat, and we eat the fish, so poisonous chemicals contaminate us. 

Skin expert | Innovative Body cleanser

Our skin expert explain to you the reason why our solid cleanser is so good for the skin and so not comparable to a soap.

New offer | Try a solid cleanser for free

We want you to love our cleanser as much as we. As an experiment replaces words, we offer you the mini cleanser.

Skin expert | 5-min crucial skin routine

Here is our quick, game-changer, our expert provide you with their ideal skincare natural routine tips for the body and face.






Plastic or
micro beads



Skin expert | Game changer face sponge cleanser

Our Konjac sponge, a cleansing and exfoliating sponge, might be a skincare routine game changer. Even the pros are obsessed with it.

Participant of Hong Kong Environment department Bye Bye Microbeads charter

Completely plastic free brands we have proudly signed Bye Bye Microbeads Charter