Planet & Skin Care

Sensual feeling

Square, hard edge, rigid, non-ergonomics… the solid soap on the market doesn’t provide a nice shower or bathing experience…. after a few weeks of use, the soap became dry, full of cracks and sometimes split in two… not easy to use or store… smell is too synthetics

Feedback from the other solid cleanser on the market

We have designed our cleanser to offer you a sensual experience. The bath is an art and, we wanted you to enjoy this moment.

Every cleanser and soap in our lines :

  • a very soft base for velvet feeling texture
  • a sensual application thanks to the hand palm size shape
  • the round shape doesn’t have any sharp edge
  • thanks to a specific production process, the cleanser doesn’t dry with cracks
  • the round shape melts with homogeneity and helps you to use the cleanser up the real end

How to apply the cleanser?

We suggest selecting the water temperature to cool or tepid water setting, as it is both relaxing and calming. A steaming shower is often far too hot for the face and can lead to dryness or heightened sensitivity.

Insert the product in the bath bag, if you want a silky foam. The bath bag is specially designed for its exfoliant properties to remove dead skins, prepare the skin for hydration from the essential oil.

Cleanse your body with water and moisten the Skincare bar. The skincare bar has a natural soap base you do not need additional soap or shower gel

Apply product to the skin, and massage delicately your body and face with silky foam, take thirty seconds to enjoy this moment with yourself and let the essential oil revigorate you then rinse off.

The Skincare bar is very delicate you can apply this ritual on a daily basis. You can store the soap in the bath bag, so the fragrance will scent the bathroom.