Planet & Skin Care

We are the Skin bath team

Dear reader,

In Skinbath we are all the same driver. We want to develop as good for you as our planet. We all design products with sustainability in mind.

We love nature, the beach, our planet and our skin. We see our ocean dying with all plastic we consume, so we have adopted a plastic-free lifestyle. Using the market soap, our skin became dry and itchy. With our laboratory, we have developed a unique solid cleanser, truly good for the skin and the planet.

Everyone in Skinbath commits to act for good. We stand against plastic, animal cruelty, and non-natural product or process. We aim to design natural products with sustainability in mind.

We have partnered with premium makers who share our values. We have spent months with each of them to develop our unique line. We have a laboratory to produce our solid cleanser, an organic farm in Japan to craft our Moshi and a tailor in France for our soft line.

Made in Hong Kong

Our line is made locally to support the local community and limit unnecessary fossil energy consumption. All our cleaners are made on-demand in Hong Kong. We aim to never compromise on our cleanser’s natural active properties, supporting our social environment and protecting the planet.

Thanks to put your trust in us