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We say no to plastic!

We support Hong Kong Environmental actions against plastic in the beauty industry!

Skin Bath proudly signed the charter against microplastic. We fully support Hong Kong’s initiative to ban the usage of micro beads in the beauty industry.

Microbeads and plastic packaging have a brutal impact on our environment. Plastic contaminated the ocean and destroyed the natural ocean ecosystems. The salt of the ocean and the sun break the plastic into microplastic, which micro fish can easily absorb as plankton.

The small fish eat the big fish, and the entire food chain is contaminated with plastic and their criminal fossil-based chemical.

Fish in the North Pacific ingest 12,000 to 24,000 tons of plastic each year, which can cause intestinal injury and death and transfers plastic up the food chain to bigger fish, marine mammals and human seafood eaters.

Bye Bye Micro plastic

In September 2021, the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong officially launched the Voluntary Scheme to Phase Out Microbeads in Personal Care and Cosmetic Products (PCCPs), including cooperation with the trade in implementing the “Bye Bye Microbeads” charter.

Participants are encouraged to phase out rinse-off PCCPs containing microbeads in Hong Kong so that consumers can make the right choice to buy microbead-free products, ultimately reducing the potential impact of microbeads at the source.

Skin Bath has proudly signed the charter and helped to develop the initiative.

Find more about this initiative here