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Dual scrub & massage cleanser glove

Innovative design, dual Scrub & massage cleanser Glove is the ideal companion to our solid cleanser. The small pocket holds perfectly the cleaner, and the texture of the linen scrubs your body and creates a large amount of silky foam. The waffle side soft rinse and gently massage your body. The gloves are in sizes (small) for ladies and (medium) for gentlemen.

  • One-size with a linen pocket to softly scrub the body and create a large amount of silky foam
  • One side with only waffle fabric to rinse and massage the body

Natural organic Fabric is dyed, woven and designed in France.


Benefit for skin

The linen pocket helps you gently scrub the body to remove the dead skin and create a large amount of silky foam. The net texture of the fabric replaces the plastic scrub ideally. The soft cotton side is perfect to massage and rinse.

Fully made in France

The Scrub and Soft Dual Gloves are made from natural organic fabric dyed, woven and designed in France. The glove is hand crafted by our tailor located in Paris. Dual scrub & massage cleanser gloves are entirely made in France.
Organic fabric made without any plastic:

Sold without any solid cleanser

Skin Benefit :
- Scrub
- Massage
- Create silky foam
- Rinse
Component :
- Linen
- Cotton

We suggest selecting the water temperature to cool or tepid water setting, as it is both relaxing and calming.

A steaming shower is often too hot for the face and can lead to dryness or heightened sensitivity.

Insert the solid cleanser into the scrub folder and massage your body energetically. Cover your body with the silky foam for thirty seconds, let the essential oil revigorate your skin then rinse off.

Rinse the glove, and use the soft side to rinse and massage your body softly.




Size Small & Medium


80% Cotton

20% Linen



Wash at 40 degree and iron at moderate temperature.


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