Planet & Skin Care

Inspired by the ancient art of Bathing, the natural fragrance of skin baths has been selected for their aromatherapy properties.

Not only do you take good care of your skin, but you have an olfactory moment of evasion to balance your emotion.

The Secret Garden

You were lost in the Cyclades archipelago, mountainous terrain with heavy vegetation, an abundance of running water, and a hidden garden behind solid walls and terraced plots. 

A visual line drew your eye from the garden to an ancient sculpture with balance and symmetry, the fragrance of the gold apple creating a soothing, relaxing feeling.

MOOD: Balance Mood and Relieve Anxiety
SKIN: Antibacterial & Antioxidant, Glow Skin, Help Reduce Sun Damage & Signs of Ageing.

The Gem of the Nomads.

Move behind the nomads in old rituals rooted in the ancient traditions. After a succession of steam rooms, heated walkways, and lying on a large marble stone, the steam continues to infuse your body.

Marble decorations, mosaics of the ancient palaces of the Ottoman era, in this serenity, the aphrodisiac fragrance from the Atlas Mountains, a desire for romance.

MOOD: balance mood and relieve anxiety
SKIN: antibacterial & antioxidant, glow skin, help to reduce sun damage & signs of ageing.

The summer evening.

Overwhelmed by the roar of tides as they flooded into the cove, the sunset diffuses tints of colours in the sky, surrounded by the Naked beauty of nature.

In this immense beauty, waves come and go and invite you to join them in this relaxing dance. Laying in the sun, halfway between dream and meditation, you become acutely aware of this fragrance of the evening.

MOOD: relaxation & help to ease stress or anxiety.
SKIN: reduce wrinkle formation, increase skin collagen, and soothes irritation & inflammation.

The Nordic Mist

The mists roll off the mountains and turn the harsh nordic landscape into an allegorical land, a mythical world of barbarians and fantastical creatures.

Floating in a winter bath surrounded by blue mountains, beside a calm fjord, the wind playing with the tree crowns, snowflakes melting on your face, your body is relaxed, and you feel awake.

MOOD: balance emotions, calm & ground
SKIN: draws out toxins and impurities from the skin; antibacterial & regenerated the skin