Planet & Skin Care

Design in France and produdly produce in Hong Kong

Skinbath has developed an innovative 2-step process to develop solid skincare. We have launched the first solid cleanser line and are developing an extensive line of solid skincare with all-natural active elements.

Why so unique?

We have developed a unique manufacturing process to offer you the best of two worlds: rich solid vegan moisturizing bases combined with natural active essential oils fully preserved. 


The body is full of curved, bent, we have designed our cleanser to be rounded and easy to keep in your hand palm. Ideal for cleaning and massaging your body in a sensual experience.

Our product is entirely natural without a plastic container or chemical stabilizer.

Aloe Vera

Moisturizers with antioxidants improve the skin’s natural firmness.

Activated Charcoal

Relieves impurities, limits excess oil, exfoliation & cleanses pores,

Active Essential oils

Natural active essential for skin Purifying, healing and soothing.

Unique manufacturing process to preserve the natural active ingredients

We first manufacture a rich, moisturizing and soothing base containing a large amount of glycerin, some activated Charcoal or Aloe Vera.

Secondly, every cleanser is individually melted to add the premium essential oils. Adding the essential oils at the last stage preserves all their natural active properties.

Vegan & Planet Friendly

All our products are vegan, with no strange chemicals, no plastic, no animal testing, produced locally as much as possible, and excellent food for the skin. We design product with sustainability in mind.

Discover our Fragrance

The fragrance of Skinbath filled his inspiration rooted in the ancient art of baths. The delicate scent lifts you on a relaxing journey, a moment to balance your mood. The essential oils fragrance has been carefully selected for their positive benefit in aromatherapy.